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Story of my life...

The good die young, nice guys finish last, and I suck like you wouldn't believe.

*ring, ring*

Yes, you've reached Generitech Tech Support, this is Ted, what seems to be the problem?


Sir, I've asked you not to call me at work.


Yes, I know.


Yes, sir, yes.


You told me that already, why are you calling?


Damn it, sir, I already know you're Badath Vampire, why did you call?


Right. I'll pick up milk, eggs, and a coed on the way back.


Is my shift over yet?

[[This is a roleplaying journal for dear_multiverse and sages_of_chaos. Ted is a vampire, recently turned, and isn't particularly good at it. He was a loser in life, a geek in high school but without the vast wealth of knowledge-that-impresses-other-geeks who couldn't get along with his family and moved out the day he graduated. He got a job to try to put himself through college, but it was a dead-end tech-support phone jockey gig that barely covers cost-of-living. Then a corpulent vampire named Badath (go ahead and laugh, Ted can't keep a straight face about it either) turned him so Badath wouldn't have to get his own blood anymore--and Ted does, but the thing about the coed up above was sarcasm. Ted's blood comes from the Red Cross, and the three-week-old bags that have gone inert and have to be thrown out. It's the vampire equivalent of malnutrition, but as a lifelong Nice Guy, he can't stomach the whole hunting thing. Some thin ray of hope may be entering his bleak little life, as he's made a friend for possibly the first time in his life, and may soon be getting a job in Gotham.]]